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MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS DIDAXDEALER.COM Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome Teacher notes, historical information, reproducible activity pages, and detailed drawings bring these ancient civilizations to life. Subjects covered include geography, agriculture, domestic life, culture, society, and religion. Ancient Egypt, 120 pages, Grades 4–7 Ancient Greece, 112 pages, Grades 4–7 Ancient Rome, 112 pages, Grades 4–7 2-5170 • $12.95 2-5176 • $12.95 2-5175 • $12.95 Ancient Civilizations This reproducible book contains information relating to communication, inventions, politics, and geography. Cultures and civilizations covered include Egypt, Native Americans, Aztecs, Romans, Aboriginal Australians, Greeks, Chinese, and Incas. Ancient Civilizations, 120 pages, Grades 4–7 2-5201 • $12.95 Hands-On Math and Literature with MathStart ® Students will learn math in a fun and non-threatening way with the stories of Stuart J. Murphy and common class- room manipulatives. The activities offer hands-on experiences to teach students the core topics covered by each Math- Start book. Each 64-page book covers one MathStart level. Grades PreK–K Grades 1–2 Grades 2–4 Classroom Art This full-color series focuses on directed skill development in drawing, painting, and printmaking while encouraging stu- dents to experiment with their own techniques and ideas. 80 pages each. Grades K–3 Grades 3–5 Grades 6–8 2-5248 • $16.95 2-5249 • $16.95 2-5250 • $16.95 *See Safety Information on page 1 for details. 2-195 • $9.95 2-196 • $9.95 2-197 • $9.95 Early Childhood Art Children will enjoy experimenting and discovering with the innovative use of materials, textures, and techniques offered in these books. Each book is 128 pages. Grades PreK–2. Painting and Printmaking Grades PreK–2 556922 • $24.95 Collage and Construction Grades PreK–2 556923 • $24.95 The Music Book Subjects include staff familiarization, beats and rests, rhythmic content, simple and compound time, musical instru- ments, history of music, and musical trends. 40 pages. Grades 4–8 2-5025 • $8.95 77