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CHARACTER EDUCATION DIDAXDEALER.COM Poster Sets Bullying in a Cyber World Poster Set Each set includes six 17" x 24" laminated posters with bold, easy-to-read text aimed at the student’s level of understanding. Addresses the role of bullies, bystanders, victims, and social networking. Grades 2–5 Grades 5–8 556601 • $22.95 556602 • $22.95 Conflict Resolution Poster Set These 18" x 24" fully laminated posters are a powerful statement for any school. Our set of six durable, laminated posters was designed to accompany our Conflict Resolution books (see below) but may also be used on their own. Grades 3–8 Grades K–8 Bullying Poster Set 2-166 • $17.95 Bullying in a Cyber World Conflict Resolution This resource presents more than 20 real- istic bullying scenarios and asks students to read, think, and write about them. Includes teacher notes, Web resources, bullying report, and more. 84 pages. This comprehensive approach to conflict resolution focuses on communication, ne- gotiation and consolidation. Each book contains 80 reproducible pages. Grades 4–5 211337 • $14.95 *See Safety Information on page 1 for details. Grades K–2 Grades 3–5 2-5223 • $11.95 2-5224 • $11.95 2-168 • $22.95 Helping Children Deal with Bullying This book guides teachers through the es- sential systems needed to make sure their school is addressing bullying. 48 pages. Grades 1–6 211100 • $11.95 69