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SCIENCE DIDAXDEALER.COM Water Module Investigating Renewable Energy Solar Module Activities for the Renewable Energy Kit Wind Module Renewable Energy Kit The Renewable Energy Kit makes understanding renewable and sustainable energy generation an exciting and tactile experience using wind, solar, and water power. For indoor or outdoor use, this resource comes in a modular format with one base and four inter- changeable energy monitors that show differing outputs from the three interchangeable power modules (wind, solar, and water). Designed specifically for the rigors of classroom use, the kit in- cludes suggested activities and general teacher’s information. Made of high-impact plastic, the base is 7" x 10", the maximum height is 20", monitors are 3½" in diameter, and the kit includes 20 feet of clear tubing for the water module. Grades 3–8 Energy Monitors This activity book helps students gain an understanding of sustainable develop- ments in energy as they explore the advantages and disadvantages of using fossil fuels. Activities involving measuring energy will enable them to perform calcu- lations and make comparisons between the costs of different types of energy. Infor- mational text explaining the principles of solar power, wind power, and water power are followed by investigations using the Renewable Energy Kit. 82 pages. Grades 3–8 8-1170 • $249.99 2-194 • $9.99 Biodegradability Kit This innovative environmental science kit allows teachers and students to conduct experiments in the biodegrading of various materials in compounds and liquids of their choice (not includ- ed). Includes six specially designed containers and clips and cages to hold the materials in place, along with metal, paper, and biodegradable plastic samples and a project workbook. Stu- dents can be encouraged to bring their own materials to conduct experiments and observe the amount and rate of decomposition over time, using differing materials and liquids. Containers are 5¾" high and 4¾" across. ! Small Parts* Grades 5–9 54 881173 • $179.99 *See Safety Information on page 1 for details.