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LITERACY DIDAXDEALER.COM Pre-Writing Patterns By Diana Rigg, MEd, MSc, CPP Presents a simple, systematic, and fun approach to practicing the six basic prewriting patterns that are essential to letter forma- tion and handwriting fluency. Includes 60 practice pages and a checklist for letter formation readiness. 64 pages. Grades PreK–K 211524 • $12.99 BESTSELLER! Uppercase and Lowercase Sandpaper Letters Beginning readers and special needs students will benefit from the tactile experience of these letters. These 4 5 ⁄ 16 " x 2 1 ⁄ 4 " cards are covered with fine yellow sand to help students make the connection between the physical movement of forming letters and the actual letter shapes. The uppercase set contains the 26 standard uppercase letters. The lowercase set contains the 26 standard lowercase letters plus two alternative forms of l and t. Grades K–1. Uppercase Letters Lowercase Letters Uppercase and Lowercase Set 210830 • $15.99 210829 • $15.99 2-902 • $27.99 Developing Cutting Skills By Diana Rigg, MEd, MSc, CPP Created by occupational therapists and classroom teachers, these books target specific skills that will enable children to de- velop coordination and fine motor skills. Easy-to-use worksheets provide a wealth of activities to improve spatial, perceptual, and motor skills essential for future academic success. The books in- clude developmental milestones that can be used for planning, assessment, and creating individual education plans. PreK, 96 pages PreK–K, 112 pages 56 211346 • $14.99 211347 • $16.99 Cutting Activities By Sue Lambert and Sandi Rickerby Children develop fine motor, problem-solving, spatial, and percep- tual skills with these reproducible activities, including cutting and reassembling, cutting and folding, and creating with geometric shapes. 48 pages. Grades K–1 2-5101 • $7.99 *See Safety Information on page 1 for details.