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LITERACY Save with set of all 4 puzzles! DIDAXDEALER.COM Reading Skills Puzzles, Grades 1–3 COMPLETE SET 211005 $39.99 Compound Words Improve vocabulary with these two-piece puzzles fea- turing colorful illustrations. A great way to teach compound words. Includes 30 puzzles. Grades 1–3 211296 • $10.99 Rhyming Words With colorful illustrations, these two-piece puzzles help students with word recognition as well as vocabulary development and rhyming. Includes 30 puzzles. Grades 1–3 211295 • $10.99 Consonant Blends and Digraphs These colorful two-piece puzzles help students to rec- ognize basic blends and digraphs. Includes 30 puzzles. Grades 1–3 211297 • $10.99 Opposites These 30 colorful, two-piece puzzles identify opposites such as full/empty and front/back. Includes 30 puzzles. Grades 1–3 211298 • $10.99 BESTSELLER! BESTSELLER! Chunks ! Small Parts* “Float, boat, coat, clown, frown, crown . . . I win!” Children will delight in learning how language really works with our word-building game. With 140 brightly-colored chunky plastic tiles, Chunks was developed by researchers and classroom teachers. Includes 70 of the most common rimes and 70 onsets. Grades 1–3 60 195-15 • $36.99 ! Small Parts* CVC Spelling Board Games Ideal for small groups, these six board games reinforce the phonemic awareness operations of isolating, blending, and seg- menting. Six games on heavy cardboard with spinners, dice, counters, and answer cards. Game boards are 11 x 17 inches. Grades K–2 195-181 • $36.99 *See Safety Information on page 1 for details.